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Universal hopper

CPI’s Universal™ Hopper is one the world’s most popular hoppers. It is universal in that it supports all the worlds coins (even the troublesome ones) with minimal adjustments so inventory is kept to a minimum.

The Universal Hopper is a large capacity coin hopper with elevated security and protection against fraud. It has a good reputation for reliability, low maintenance requirements and low overall cost of ownership


Universal design minimizes complexity and inventory costs

Supports most global coins without hardware adjustment

Jam Resistance maximizes uptime

continuous agitation of the coins and an auto-reverse function

Increased machine efficiency

Intuitive level sensing

Low cost of Ownership

Long working life with low maintenance requirements

Maximum Uptime with High Coin Capacity 

Universal Hopper can hold 1,200 €1 coins, minimizing the need for user intervention


Dimensions (H x W x D in mm): 288mm x 129mm x 242mm
Coin Capacity: 1200 x €1 coins, 950 x £1 coins, 1500 x US 25¢ coins
Coin Payout: 3 coins per second
Interfaces Supported: Parallel, ccTalk serial (RS232-based)
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 60°C
Operating Voltage (V): 24 V

    Repair Service

    We are a brand independent coin validator, bill acceptor service center. Repair, reprogram, maintenance. We give 3 month warranty for repair job.


    News and innovations on the market for coin validators, banknote acceptors, various electronic cash management and cashless payment systems.


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