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Repair service


Service is one of Cashpoint‘s strongest points. We have several qualified and experienced service technicians who have participated in numerous specialized manufacturer trainings.

Coin acceptors and various note validators get dirty, wet, worn out and out of tune over time. That is why it is important to pay close attention to periodic maintenance, as a faulty cash detector will put the machines out of service, which causes quite a lot of annoyance to the customer, and considerable financial loss to the owner.

Why the Cashpoint service?

Periodic maintenance or possible repairs and reprogramming are carried out professionally under workshop conditions, so that your vending machine can continue to serve its customers properly. Our clientele includes companies and businesses with a wide variety of profiles: coffee machines, beverage vending machines, automatic gas stations, car washes, parking machines, ticket machines, automatic solariums, kiddy rides, industrial laundries, commemorative coin machines, toilet access control, etc. both manufacturing and operating companies. There are also malls where  money changers operate, self-service cash registers from the retail sector or ATMs and check machines, all of which have a cash management device. They need to be updated, regularly maintained and sometimes repaired. Especially if the start-up is outdoors (parking lots, car washes, next to roads, railway stations, street fronts, etc.) or in harsh conditions (factories, gas stations, slaughterhouses, stations, etc.)

As soon as we can offer our customers:

  • Coin testing and banknote acceptance service, full-scale repair.
  • Programming for HUF or different currencies.
  • Programming of the new HUF 100 coin to be released in 2020.
  • Warranty and beyond-warranty repair services.
  • Selecting the right product based on the customer’s specifications.
  • Short training sessions, for the purpose of minor improvement of the use of the devices and preventive maintenance.
  • Preventive general maintenance and repair of purchased equipment in order to maintain optimal parameters.
  • Constant software update of money management systems depending on the denominations in circulation.
  • Preventing the acceptance of false denominations.
  • Performing various modifications on the coin and banknote acceptors (replacement of tubes, banning of denominations, etc.).
  • Our service provides a 3-month warranty for units repaired by us.


We are proud of our team, who do not hesitate to give our customers all the help they can get over the phone or in person in our store. We constantly monitor market trends, testing the latest money management tools in order to provide a uniquely favorable and advanced solution for your business. Our team works to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Contact us to find out how we can help!

Products serviced by us:

Coin acceptors, coin validators:

  • MEI Cashflow/ ME  széria: CF126, CF130, CF330, CF340, CF9500
  • CranePI: NRI G-13, NRI G-13mft., NRI G-18, NRI G-40, V² Colibri, V² Eagle, V² Falcon, V² Pelicano, Condor® Premier, SR5, SR5i, SR3, SR3i, 
  • Microcoin SP, Microcoin QL
  • WH Berlin: EMP 800, EMP 900, EMP 500
  • Comestero: RM5, RM5HD
  • Azkoyen: AC6, X6, C6, D2S, D4S
  • Microhard: Mod M10, Mod M20, 4K


  • MEI Cashflow series:  CF690, CF7400, CF7700, CF7900, CF8200, CF8500
  • CPI: Gryphon G4G, G2X, G2B,  CLS Coin Recycler, BCR206, CR106, CR6000
  • Suzo Happ: Currenza C²
  • NRI: NRI Currenza

Banknote acceptors / Note Validators, Banknote Recyclers:

  • CranePI/MEI/Cashcode: BNA 571, BNA 55, MEI BNA6, BNR, BNR Advance, MEI SC83, MEI SCN Advance, MEI BNF, SCR, Cashcode MVU, MSM, MSMV5, SNR, Cashcode GX, RV900, RS900, Thalos
  • Astrosystems: GBA ST1-C, GBA ST1+, GBA ST2, GBA GV1 
  • Suzo Happ: Bill-to-Bill 300, Bill-to-Bill 300XE, MFL series frontload validator
  • Innovative-Technology: NV10USB, NV10USB+, NV9USB, NV9ST, BV20, BV100, NV200, NV200 Spectral, NV9 Spectral
  • ICT: A7/V7
Money Changers / Change Machines, Coin Hoppers:
  • Innovative-Technology: Smart Hopper, Smart Coin System
  • Money Controls, CPI: Universal Hopper, Compact Hopper, Retail Hopper
  • Azkoyen hopperek

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Repair Service

We are a brand independent coin validator, bill acceptor service center. Repair, reprogram, maintenance. We give 3 month warranty for repair job.


News and innovations on the market for coin validators, banknote acceptors, various electronic cash management and cashless payment systems.


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