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Smart Coin System

Smart Coin System

Smart Coin System

SMART Coin System

The SMART Coin System is a state of the art bulk coin validator, mixed coin hopper and recycler in one.
The unit validates, discriminates and stores mixed coins, eliminating coin starvation & the need for multiple hoppers.
With a market leading coin hopper capacity and fully audited, efficient refills, the SMART Coin System is designed to eliminate coin starvation and significantly reduce operator collection costsOperating at a market leading 12 coins per second the SMART Coin System improves operator cashflow, significantly reducing collection costs.


  • State of the art bulk coin validator, hopper & recycler
  • Eliminates coin starvation
  • Market leading coin capacity, acceptance and payout speed
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • High security – multi frequency sensing technology

Technical specification

  • Power Requirements: 24V
  • Standby: 200 mA 
  • Running: 3 A 
  • Peak: 6.5 A
  • Coin Capacity: 1400 €1
  • Interface: USB with IF17
  • Protocols: SSP, ccTalk
  • Weight: 4.1 kg

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    Repair Service

    We are a brand independent coin validator, bill acceptor service center. Repair, reprogram, maintenance. We give 3 month warranty for repair job.


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