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RM5 Evolution

RM5 Evolution

RM5 Evolution

RM5 Evolution coin validator is known for its quality and reliability. Its electronics combine extraordinary selectivity with extreme programming versatility: the Cloning system allows the transfer of the configuration parameters from one sample coin validator to another.


  • 3 pairs of inductive sensors which are used to process 6 different parameters regarding the material and the mass
  • 3 pairs of optical sensors for determining the coin’s diameter
  • A mechanical anti-fishing device, electronic anti-fishing device, and an electronic anti “intrusion” device (only for version F)
  • Automatic optical sensor compensation system for variations in temperature, voltage and lighting
  • Identification channels: up to 59, each of which can be redirected to the outlets. The first 6 support Self-Prog mode
  • Open collection outlets
  • Serial interface for external connections (portable programmer or PC) for calibrating and testing, as well as for updating the value and operating parameters tables
  • Credit recognition: parallel, binary, pulse
  • Also available in tropicalised version to adapt to environments exposed to adverse weather conditions


  • 00 Parallel Validator
  • 01 Parallel Validator with sorter
  • E0 Spain mode validator
  • AT Spain mode validator with differentiated time pulses
  • B0 Binary Validator
  • BC Confida Binary Validator
  • 0M Multipulse validator
  • 10 2 price totaliser
  • 14 1 price totaliser with timed internal reset
  • FD Fountain totaliser
  • 20 Credit pulse emission totaliser
  • 21 Credit pulse emission totaliser with sorter control
  • 30 Progressive timer
  • 3R Progressive timer with timed credit pulse emission upon request
  • 3C Progressive timer with counter outlet
  • 40 Totaliser with credit pulse upon request
  • 60 Totaliser with timed credit pulse emission upon request
  • 70 Single-price multiple sale totaliser



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