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Microcoin QL

Microcoin QL

  • Microcoin QL coin acceptor for change/entry machine is a high speed, multi-coin, field programmable device
  • For “top-entry” applications, the Microcoin QL can be provided with its own mounting faceplate, offering a modern, stylish appearance to your machine
  • As an independent unit, the Microcoin QL can be fitted into any top-entry application with ease
  • The Microcoin QL offers :
  • Multi-coin programming
  • Single coin programming
  • Coin inhibit
  • Coin enable
  • Universal size – one fits all (use with tokens)
  • High speed, multi-coin acceptance up to 10 cps
  • Internet-capable
  • Comprehensive handheld programming device
  • Unique, multi-featured mounting faceplate
  • New, revolutionary coin discrimination techniques
  • Highly critical and unique coin path design which virtually eliminates the possibility of coin jams
  • Superior all-round performance
  • Maximum fraud coin rejection

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    Repair Service

    We are a brand independent coin validator, bill acceptor service center. Repair, reprogram, maintenance. We give 3 month warranty for repair job.


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