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CLS coin recycler

CLS Advance coin recycler

The CLS coin recycler, noted for its high-speed coin handling capabilities and compact dimensions, provides efficient and accurate coin management. The CLS can validate 10 coins per second and sort them into 8 separate denominations. It also supports most of the world’s currencies. 

Built-in security features ensure coins are protected, reducing cash loss. Cash automation with the CLS coin recycler offers store operations increased staff productivity, while improving transaction speed for customers. Available as a freestanding countertop coin recycler, or as an embedded solution such as self-checkouts.


Accelerate customer throughput. Faster transactions—50 coins in, 10 coin per second acceptance—speed customers through the payment process

Design flexibility. Minimizes real estate with compact dimensions that integrate into self-checkouts, automated bank tellers, and standalone payment kiosks

Maximize uptime. High coin capacity—hold up to 2,640 €1 coins—limits the need for refilling and cashier intervention

Enhanced security. Fully enclosed, dual-locking system to secure coins

Dimensions (H x W x D mm)

  • 250 x 300 x 420 (without coin cup), 250 x 300 x 485 (with coin cup)

Coin Capacity

  • Maximum 335 x 1€ coins in a Single hopper

Enclosure / Mounting

  • Exterior cabinet included

Coin Denominations

  • Up to 8 coin denominations possible

Coin Input Speed

  • 10 coins per second (cps)

Coin Output Speed

  • 6 coins per second (cps)


  • Dual locking system limits access to coins

Operating Temperature

  • 5 °C to 55 °C

Coin-in to Coin-out Height (mm)

  • 248 mm

Operating Humidity

  • 5 – 85%

Storage Humidity

  • 5 – 85% (unpacked)

Bulk Coin Input

  • 30 mixed coins at once

Validation Speed

  • First coin accepted < 2 seconds

Certifications and Compliance

  • CE and UL approved

Power Requirements

  • 24 volt

Storage Temperature

  • 5 °C to 40 °C

Coin Processing

  • Depends on sorting spiral installed, EUR configuration: 16.25–25.75 mm

Maximum Output

  • Bowl cup capacity of 50 coins

Triple and Dual Hoppers

  • Standard (single), double and triple hoppers are available
  • A double hopper inserts into one hopper slot and bowl covers two hopper slots
  • A triple bowl inserts into one hopper slot and bowl covers three hopper slots
  • A hopper slot can remain empty

    Repair Service

    We are a brand independent coin validator, bill acceptor service center. Repair, reprogram, maintenance. We give 3 month warranty for repair job.


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